Addressing Exogenous Factors in Preventing Surgical Site Infections Part II


Meet the Speakers:

Wava Truscott, PhD, MBA
President, Truscott MedSci Associates, LLC

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Duration: 60 minutes      Available through: 12/31/2018



Back by popular demand! This webinar is a continuation of our September 21 webinar.

"Tell me something new! Where are pathogen hangouts that have managed to stay relatively hidden? We take every precaution; yet some just seem to get infected. We're still below national average."

In this course, we want to expose some of these hideouts that can supply pathogens for surgical site infections (SSI).  Reservoirs in the OR, ICU and SPD will be identified.

Because the patient's ability to fight infection can be drastically reduced during the immediate perioperative period, it is extremely important to understand and prevent inadvertent nosocomial immune interference as well. Addressing contamination without supporting the surgical site immune competence is like heating the house during a blizzard while leaving the front door open!

 Although attendees will know many points covered in this course, the intent is to provide many "ah ha!" moments, shedding light on additional ways to prevent SSIs and associated post-surgical complications. Case studies, outbreak investigations, studies, and new CDC information will be utilized to support evidence-based recommendations for both acute and ambulatory surgery centers.

The challenge: To the infected patient, "we are still below the national SSI average", is not OK.

Learning Objectives:

  • List pathogen hideouts that can provide surgical site infections.
  • Identify preventative measures for reducing these potential sources of infection.
  • Describe several perioperative practices that reduce the patient's ability to fight infection.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of this topic, graphic images will be used in the presentation. 

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Recorded 10/20/2016
Recorded 10/20/2016
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