AJIC Webinar Series - Frequency of Outbreak Investigations in US Hospitals: Results of a National Survey of Infection Preventionists

Meet the Speaker:

Emily Rhinehart, RN BSN MPH

Elaine Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, CIC
Editor, American Journal of Infection Control (http://www.apic.org/ajic/)

IP Competency: Expert

Duration: 60 minutes        Available through: 12/31/2015

Program Description:
A national survey of infection preventionists (IP) in US hospitals was conducted by APIC in 2010 to inquire about outbreak investigations in the previous 24 months.  This session will provide the results of the survey responses including frequency of outbreak investigations, triggers for investigations, types of hospitals and locations, causative organisms with a focus on the four most common causes, number of patients involved, incidence of unit/bed closures, number of closure days and control measures.  This information is important for all IPs to increase awareness of the causes of outbreaks and the most frequent patient populations involved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the most common triggers for outbreak investigations in US hospitals
  • List the four most common organisms involved in outbreak investigations in US hospitals
  • Identify the patient populations most frequently effected by outbreaks of norovirus
  • Identify the organisms most commonly leading to unit closures in outbreaks

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Please note CE is not available for this program.


Recorded 02/22/2012
Recorded 02/22/2012
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