APIC Heroes - Winter 2016

IP Competency: Novice, Proficient

Duration: 60 minutes      Available through: 12/31/2018


Meet the Speakers:    

Teamwork in Healthcare And HOW to Make Changes

Sarah Lopez, RN, BSN

Infection Control Nurse, HealthSouth Desert Canyon 

Healthcare takes a village and improving and making changes also requires trust, thought and dedication. These concepts are what continues to fuel Sarah in trying to improve in both life and career. In this presentation, learn how to re-think, change and improve what isn't working as a group, value co-workers and work to make changes after research, staff input and movement as a team.

Improving Infection Prevention Through a Collaborative Approach

Shannon Davila MSN, RN, CIC, CPHQ

Director, New Jersey Hospital Association Institute for Quality and Patient Safety 

During the webinar, Shannon will share her experience as an Infection Preventionist (IP) and how she transitioned into her primary role from an IP in a small community hospital to a clinical quality improvement manager in a state hospital association, working to support over 70 different hospitals throughout the state. Shannon will highlight how in this role, she works closely with many different organizations to ensure that the principles of infection prevention are addressed through education, advocacy, and patient safety activities and efforts. To implement infection prevention collaboration at state level, there are many different strategies to use to engage stakeholders. These stakeholders include hospital leadership, front line clinicians, IPs, quality improvement professionals and patients and their families. Using the APIC IP competency model as a framework, she will discuss how an IP can adapt the core competencies and skills to develop strategies to engage those individuals and organizations in infection prevention work and implement evidence-based best practices on a large scale.  Finally, she will share some possible solutions to challenges that can arise when implementing large scale infection prevention collaboratives including partnering across the continuum of care, using data to drive action, sharing innovative ideas, and telling the stories of those that are effected by our efforts.

BD is pleased to support the APIC Heroes of Infection Prevention Program and the outstanding and essential work of the Heroes honorees in the field of infection prevention. 



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Recorded 12/07/2016
Recorded 12/07/2016
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