Bed Bugs - Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

Meet the Speakers:
Shantini Gamage, PhD, MPH
VHA National Infectious Diseases Program Office

Marian Rodgers, RN
Dayton VA Medical Center

Steven Parrish
Program Manager

IP Competency: Expert

Duration: 60 minutes        Available through: 12/31/2014

The purpose of this presentation is to enhance understanding of bed bugs, and to describe the challenges of and approaches to dealing with this re-emerging infestation in healthcare and in the community.  Infection preventionists, specialists in breaking the chain of transmission, are often called upon to deal with these pests.  While not known to carry infection, bed bugs are increasingly disrupting environments, experts at hiding, and often difficult to treat.   Information available online providing bed bug tips can be confusing, incomplete or incorrect. This webinar will discuss what makes bed bug detection, prevention and mitigation unique and provide coping strategies in healthcare and home.

The presentation is targeted to infection preventionists, environmental services executives, nurses, and social workers.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the biology and key behaviors of bed bugs.
  • Discuss the risk of bed bug infestation in health care settings: acute care, residential, and home care.
  • Discuss bed bug prevention and detection strategies for health care and home.

Group Site License: Registration includes one internet connection and one telephone connection at one location and an unlimited number of participants from your organization in one listening room.

Please note CE is not available for this program.


Recorded 05/18/2011
Recorded 05/18/2011
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