Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice in Long Term Care: An Innovative Model for Success

Meet the Speaker:

Sharon M. Bradley, RN, CIC
Senior Infection Prevention Analyst, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

IP Competency: Moderate

Duration: 60 minutes      Available through: 12/31/2016


Inconsistencies in implementation of evidence-based infection control best practices, and the number of deficiencies for infection control problems in long term care facilities, indicate the need for increased emphasis on identifying barriers to development of a structured framework to integrate infection control strategies into clinical practice. The presenter will demonstrate the utilization of an innovative model designed to enhance nursing homes' success with incorporating infection control best-practices into clinical practice by exploring areas of greatest challenge and assessing patterns of care that could be targeted for improvement. A component of the model, a unique best practice assessment tool will be illustrated.This tool specifically measures in which infection prevention domains nursing homes perform either well or poorly, in which implementation categories there are differences in facility performance, and which elements of best practice are most lacking in areas of poor performance. Pennsylvania's experience with utilizing this model to study the impact of various levels of implementation of infection prevention practices on infection rates in nursing homes, and to successfully drive infection reduction in nursing homes with high infection rates, will be highlighted. The presenter will describe use of this model as a powerful device to justify or prioritize implementation of appropriate prevention strategies and resources, and to gain a fresh perspective on the effectiveness of improvement strategies needed to enhance the infection control program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Utilize multifocal methods of assessment to measure integration of best practices into infection control program and structure.
  • Detect opportunities for improvement to implementing infection control best practices at leadership, physician, clinical and support staff levels.
  • Translate assessment results into a structured framework to incorporate infection control strategies into clinical practice.

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Recorded 05/15/2013
Recorded 05/15/2013
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