Crucial Conversations and Empowering Front-Line Staff

Meet the Speaker:

Kari L. Love, RN, MSHS, CIC
Regional Director, Infection Prevention Quality Management CMC

IP Competency: Novice, Proficient and Expert 

Duration: 60 minutes


Infection prevention, patient safety, and quality leaders implement  the policies and processes to reduce harm; they are also tasked with gaining 'buy-in' from front-line staff and physicians. These relationships can be difficult to manage when not equipped with the tools to assist these individuals with the changes that are required. Infection Preventionists as leaders must develop the ability to both motivate and enable people to change through personal, social, and structural forces. This first requires the leader to understand their personal motivation and how 'change-ready' they are as individuals. Once this has been achieved, the next goal is to assist those front-line staff to understand how 'change-ready' they are. Once, this is accomplished, the staff will feel empowered to address the potential lapses in infection prevention or safety that they observe on a daily basis, but are afraid to address. This presentation will give real world examples that have been successful and will supply infection preventionists with the tools to make this same impact in their organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define three essential components necessary positively influence change in their facility
  • Describe the importance of incorporating behavior change into infection prevention projects
  • Demonstrate activities that will enable the infection preventionist to create a positive change in their organization's culture.

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Recorded 01/28/2015
Recorded 01/28/2015
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