Infection Prevention is a Team Sport--Game On!

Meet the Speaker:

Elizabeth Monsees, RN, MSN, MBA, CIC
Clinical Safety Officer
Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics

IP Competency:  Novice, Proficient, and Expert

Duration: 60 minutes      Available through: 12/31/2017

Infection Prevention and Control is a well established science and historically began with the infection preventionist (IP) serving as the primary lead responsible for implementing quality initiatives to control disease and improve patient outcomes. The IP's role has only continued to expand in knowledge, scientific and technical expertise. Another tool to bolster the IP's vast skill set relates to creating, strengthening and partnering with interdisciplinary safety teams within the healthcare system to develop reformative and sustainable changes. In order to build a highly functional team, the speaker will discuss the IP's role using the following principles:

  • Safety in Numbers
  • Describe systems-level thinking and the organizational team
  • Review attributes of high reliability organizations
  • Introduce human factors and decision-making Interventions to Strengthen Systems and Teams
  • Identify error prevention methods that enhance multidisciplinary communication
  • Employ the use of huddles to communicate risk points and opportunities for process changes
  • Describe indicators used to assess preferences and behavioral strengths to optimize team performance
  • Create a culture of respect by recognizing the human capital--people--as a central tenet of organizational success Infection Prevention and Control's professional responsibilities will continue to evolve.

Building highly efficient teams and collaborating with a variety of disciplines to develop "the people product" will ensure a system design that is reliable, supports infection prevention strategies and mitigates patient harm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion, participants will be able to describe how to engage interdisciplinary teams to lead infection prevention initiatives and ensure organizational success.
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to describe utility of behavioral and personality indicators in optimizing team strengths.
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to identify and evaluate human factors concepts and how these impact infection prevention strategies.

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Recorded 05/21/2014
Recorded 05/21/2014
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