Managing MDRO in Long Term Care

Meet the Speaker:
James Marx, RN, MS, CIC

IP Competency: Novice

Duration: 60 minutes        Available through: 12/31/2014

This webinar will help you identify and develop your facility's isolation philosophy. Topics will include a review of the most recent references related to MRDO, help you understand how the CMS interpretive guidelines affect isolation practices, and how to perform a MDRO risk assessment.

Learning objectives
• List two MDRO of epidemiologic significance in long term care 
• State one intervention to prevent transmission of MDRO
• Find two key reference or guidelines on the management of residents with MDRO

Group Site License: Registration includes one internet connection and one telephone connection at one location and an unlimited number of participants from your organization in one listening room.

Please note CE is not available for this program.


Recorded 08/24/2011
Recorded 08/24/2011
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