Preventing Legionnaires Disease: Complying with ASHRAE Standard 188 in Healthcare Facilities

Meet the Speaker:

John D. Krause, Ph.D., MSPH, CIH
Certified Industrial Hygienist
ENVIRON International


IP Competency: Novice

Duration: 60 minutes      Available through: 12/31/2016


Degrading public water systems, lower budgets for water treatment, and climate extremes may be some of the underlying contributors to widespread occurrences of Legionnaires  Disease in the United States today. Attendees will be introduced to the requirements that health care facilities will need to follow in order to comply with the new ASHRAE Standard 188  Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems. This newly developed standard of care applies to all healthcare facilities and establishes a process to identify critical points for monitoring and prevention of Legionnaires Disease associated with building water systems. We will present practical issues that Infection Prevetionists can expect to encounter when responding to an outbreak of Legionellosis. Attendees will learn how to evaluate the various immediate exposure mitigation measures available. Recommended approaches to working with Public Health Officials investigating the outbreak will be discussed. Finally we will discuss how to choose and monitor the effectiveness of long term prevention strategies to avoid recurring outbreaks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the actions necessary to comply with ASHRAE Standard 188 - Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems
  • Evaluate the usefulness of immediate exposure mitigation measures during al Legionellosis outbreak.
  • Choose and monitor the effectiveness of long term prevention strategies to avoid recurring outbreaks of Legionnaires Disease.


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Recorded 04/17/2013
Recorded 04/17/2013
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