Show Me the Evidence! Using Evidence-Based Practices to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

Meet the Speaker:


Kathleen Arias, MS, MT, SM, CIC
Arias Infection Control Consulting, LLC

IP Competency: Expert

Duration: 60 minutes      Available through: 12/31/2014

Evidenced-based guidelines for preventing healthcare-associated infections have been developed by a variety of professional organizations and government agencies. However, dissemination of these guidelines does not necessarily lead to changes in clinical practice. Active resistance to practice change is common. How do we promote change? This presentation will discuss barriers that can affect acceptance and implementation of evidence-based infection prevention recommendations and review strategies that have been used successfully to overcome these barriers.

How good is the evidence for commonly used infection prevention practices? The speaker will involve the audience in an interactive exercise to assess the evidence for a variety of infection prevention practices. The infection preventionist can play a critical role in the implementation of evidence-based recommendations. The information presented will help the infection preventionist understand how evidence related to infection prevention practices can be identified, assessed, and used, to ensure that research findings can be effectively translated into clinical practice and improved patient outcomes.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the rationale for using evidence-based practices for preventing healthcare associated infections
  • Identify three barriers and potential solutions for implementing evidence-based infection prevention practices
  • Utilize the information presented to identify, promote and implement evidence-based infection prevention practices in a healthcare organization

Group Site License: Registration includes one internet connection and one telephone connection at one location and an unlimited number of participants from your organization in one listening room.

Please note CE is not available for this program.


Recorded 03/30/2011
Recorded 03/30/2011
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