Study of UV Light in a Long-Term Care Setting

Meet the Speaker:

Dr.Charles Gerba 

IP Competency:   Novice

Duration: 60 minutes


Long-term care facilities house vulnerable populations; thus, effective disinfection practices are of utmost importance. An emerging technology in the disinfection space is ultra-violet room treatment systems. Published literature has mostly focused on UV-C light's efficacy in the lab setting and in the acute care setting. Dr. Gerba has done extensive research in the long-term care setting to understand whether UV-C light is an effective tool for pathogen reduction and how UV-C technology should be used in long-term care. This webinar will help you understand the appropriate use of UV-C light for room treatment through a careful study of data.  

This program is made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Clorox Healthcare. Clorox Healthcare is a long-standing APIC Strategic Partner and APIC is pleased to partner with Clorox on this educational opportunity. 


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Recorded 04/13/2015
Recorded 04/13/2015
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